Mondelez 2024 Retailer Growth & Rewards Program

CATEGORY RATIONALE ADDiTiONAL LE iTEMS AND MORE EXCITING ITEMS 3 NEW TO MONDELĒZ; WELCOME CLIF BAR EXCiTiNG LiMiTED-EDiTiON iTEMS SNACK CAKES REMAiNS A HIGH GROWTH CATEGORY SNACK CAKES CATEGORY MAINTAINING STRONG GROWTH MOMENTUM, +20%1 OREO PEANUT BUTTER HAS 38% EXCLUSIVE PENETRATION WITHIN OREO CORE FLAVORS3 PEANUT BUTTER IS THE LARGEST AND FASTEST GROWING FILLING FLAVOR IN SNACK CAKES, +13% IN CONVENIENCE4 CAKESTERS HAS CONTRIBUTED AN INCREMENTAL 2MM HHS TO THE OREO PORTFOLIO5 DEDICATED CAKESTERS LINE IN 2024, DRIVING +40% CAPACITY CAKESTERS ORIGINAL #1 BEST SELLING SWEET SNACK ($) AT LAUNCH2 OREO MODERNITY & HIGH-QUALITY CREDENTIALS WILL ELEVATE THE CATEGORY Sources: 1- Nielsen xAOC+C L52Wks - w/e 1/28/23; 2-BASES IM Data – 2022 – Innovation Items; 3-Nielsen Homescan Panel, Total US, 52 weeks ending 12/28/19; 4-Nielsen xAOC+C Cal Year 2022, Brands: Hostess/Little Debbie/Tasty Kake/Drakes ; Conv + Conv Independent Markets Cal Year 2022; 5-Nielsen Panel Total US 104 weeks (52 weeks pre-launch + 52 weeks launch) through w/e 01/07/2023. CLIF BAR IS THE #1 NUTRITION BAR MANUFACTURER IN THE CONVENIENCE CHANNEL • CLIF Bar holds the largest dollar share of the nutrition bar category at 18.7% • 2 CLIF Bar Brands (CLIF bar #1 and Builders #8) rank in the top 10 of category brands • 3 of the top 4 SKUs in the category are CLIF Bar items • 7 of the top 30 SKUs in the category are CLIF (5 CLIF Bar and 2 Builders) Source: IRI Unify Custom Market Advantage Total US Convenience L26 WE 4/30/23 Sources: 1- Suzy survey, n=608, T3B, Sept 2022; CLIF BAR IS THE LARGEST MANUFACTURER IN DOLLAR SALES 2.5 2.4 2.1 6.0 6.0 10.9 10.9 12.1 15.7 18.7 $ Share Nutrition Bars: QUEST LENNY & LARRY 1440 FOODS KIND FIT CRUNCH ONE BRANDS BAREBELLS QUAKER RX BAR #1 #2 #3 AUTHENTiC & EXCiTiNG PARTNERSHiP1 77% of consumers said Snapple fits with SOUR PATCH KIDS and what it stands for 80% of consumers said they were excited about a Snapple flavored SOUR PATCH KIDS mix HOW TO GROW PROFIT iN 2024 Introducing RETAi 2 LE 0 R 24 GR - O MW O T N H DE & LĒ R Z EWGL A O R B D A S L P L R L O C GR AM H2 LiMiTED EDiTiON CREASE LINE