Mondelez 2024 Retailer Growth & Rewards Program

KEY SHOPPER TRENDS IMPACTiNG CONVENiENCE 2 RETAi 2 LE 0 R 24 GR - O MW O T N H DE & LĒ R Z EWGL A O R B D A S L P L R L O C GR AM Sources: MSA Purchase data MDLZ CMA Participating Stores category growth 2022 (sample) Sources: Nielsen Connect Display $ and Unit lift US TTL C-Store L 52 wks ending 4/1/23 Source: 1. IRI State of Snacking 2022; 2. Kantar Retail in Transformation: Impulse, July 2022 Sources: Kantar Retail in Transformation: Impulse, July 2022 Sources: RGM Price Promo Toolkit CStore ABOUT US MONDELĒZ CMA PERFORMS! REINVEST • #1 or #2 in Key Snack Categories • Iconic Leadership Brands • Strong Global Footprint • Local First Mindset GML OO BN AD LE LLĒLZC IISN FSINTATCOK IWN GI N! WHY MONDELĒZ 1 SNACKING IS THE #1 IMPULSE CATEGORY IN CONVENIENCE1 DISPLAYS OUTPACE CATEGORIES IN RESULTS 64% 85% EAT AT LEAST: 2 IN 3 PURCHASES ARE OPEN TO BEING INFLUENCED CUSTOMERS PARTICIPATING IN THE MDLZ CMA PROGRAM GREW TTL CATEGORY 6% MORE ON AVERAGE VS NON-COMPLIANT STORES TTL Category Growth vs PY SiNGLE PPG PROMO PKG LiFT AT 20% DiSCOUNT VALUE + LIFT Compliant Non-Compliant Compliant Non-Compliant 46.2% 30.4% 39.8% 23.3% Biscuit $ Biscuit U's 44.8% 26.5% 38.7% 19.4% Confections $ Confections U's 75% 88% 53% No Must Buy Must Buy 2 Must Buy 3 Incentivizing shoppers to buy in multiples has a range of benefits: • Reduces subsidizing consumers that would purchase products everyday • Multiples drive higher incrementality/lifts, both everyday, and on promotion • Multiples increase basket size • Also drives value due to higher $ outlay and average price Limit to multiples of 2 when promoting within a PPG for the best results Unit and $ Lift from Display MDLZ vs TTL AO MFG’s 24.0 27.4 22.7 29.5 32.5 37.8 27.9 32.9 $ Lift Unit Lift $ Lift Unit Lift Biscuit NCC MDLZ Category TTL AO MFG's Mondelēz Products when on display generate greater dollar and unit lift in their category's vs TTL of AO MFG’s REPLACED A MEAL WITH A SNACK LAST YEAR2 1 SNACK FOR INDULGENCE 1 SNACK FOR SUSTENANCE2 & 21%PURE IMPULSE 46% PLAN DEVIATION 33% PLANNED NO DEVIATION COMPLETELY UNPLANNED PLANNED SNACK BUT CHANGED SOMETHING DURING SHOPPING PLANNED AND DID NOT DEVIATE FROM PLAN CREASE LINE